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100mm Utility Board 9mm x 5mt

Our Ref: UB100

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UB100 £11.81 (£14.17 inc VAT)
UB200 £23.10 (£27.72 inc VAT)
UB250 £30.19 (£36.23 inc VAT)
UB300 £32.55 (£39.06 inc VAT)
UB350 £39.69 (£47.63 inc VAT)
UB400 £43.47 (£52.16 inc VAT)

Our 9mm utility board provides a simple, clean look and can be enhanced with separate vents to maintain airflow through your loft space. These stylish soffit boards will enhance any home.Soffit board are the horizontal boards which fit under the roofline which together with fascia boards or capping boards finish off the roofline in a weatherproof seal. Available in a variety of widths.

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