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Duo Pleated and Blackout Blind 55cm x 98cm

Our Ref: CK04DFD

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Black-White £102.90 (£123.48 inc VAT)
Blue-White £102.90 (£123.48 inc VAT)
Dark Blue- £92.40 (£110.88 inc VAT)
Dark Purple-White £102.90 (£123.48 inc VAT)
Flash Red-White £102.90 (£123.48 inc VAT)
Grey-White £92.40 (£110.88 inc VAT)
Light Beige-White £92.40 (£110.88 inc VAT)
White-White £92.40 (£110.88 inc VAT)
Yellow-White £102.90 (£123.48 inc VAT)

A combination of the classic VELUX blackout blind and  the semi-opaque VELUX pleated blind. Block out as much of the light as you want with the blackout blind then use the semi-opaque pleated blind to diffuse the rest of the light that enters the room.Blackout blinds come with aluminium backing which prevents heat loss and gain.Adjust, dim or soften the light in your room.

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