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Dakea BETTER PVC roof window 134cm x 98cm

Dakea BETTER PVC roof window 134cm x 98cm

Our Ref: KPA-U4A

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£288.75 (with VAT £346.50)

Dakea Better PVC waterproof window is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom, where dirt build up and humidity plays a significant role, while its modern white look will work perfectly in any room you need that care-free, easy to clean window.

Dakea Better PVC stands for a superb energy performance and increased solidity of construction and toughened outer pane put together to bring light and safety to your home! 

The window is equipped a handle with two additional locking positions for flexible and comfortable ventilation control. 

To increase maintenance comfort and energy performance efficiency, Dakea Better PVC comes with titian dioxide coated Titan glazing, a care-free, eco-friendly glass with excellent U-value characteristics.

Manufactured with no compromise to quality, it comes with up to 20-year guarantee.

Dakea Better PVC comes with Quick Install (RUC) - Underfelt foil collar, free of charge, included in the box.

Quick Install speeds up the installation process and improves the water-tightness of the construction. 

Dakea Better PVC roof windows can be installed in all roofing materials, in a roof pitch from 15 to 90 degrees. Proper installation requires using original Dakea flashing. 

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